Food for Free !

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Trendy TV chefs do it, one of the worlds top restaurants does it, and we do it too but here at LVLG we do it cos it’s fun and cos it’s free. Yep, free food,  growing in the forest floor, gorgeous little blobs of fungi, just popping their heads beyond the leaf litter crying out to be picked and tossed into a pan of  garlicky butter  – delicious !

We have made a few forays into the forests around La Ferte Mace this year hoping to find some large cepes to dry for winter soups but sadly they are pretty scarce this year but instead we have baskets of bright pied de mouton and colourful chanterelle mushrooms and the kitchen is now full of deep rich earthy odours. Food for free ? Too  right ! Recipe to follow perhaps….?

Food for Free
Food for Free

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